Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Kindergarten to College - In One Night!

For all of you who really know me and my family you know that Taylor (my oldest) will be going into K5 in a few weeks. We have already started school shopping and just last week picked out her backpack, lunchbag and a thermos all with a Disney Princess theme. Over the past week or so Taylor has been overwhelmed with the thought of going to college. Yes, my 5 year old daughter is already stressing over college. There have been a couple of instances where she has been exposed to talking about college, once at my mother's where one of the boys my mother was watching told her that "she had to go to college or she would end up a bum on the street" - to which she started crying and then another instance where we watched College Road Trip (to all of you who have not seen this, do not waste your time) at a friends house on Sunday evening. In this movie, the daughter goes with her father to a couple of difference colleges (which are obviously away from home) and it shows how the father is sad and is trying to get his daughter to go to the college "closest to home" - this also ended up in some tears from Taylor. These instances sparked my daughter's thinking and just yesterday morning she had an in-depth conversation with Mark about college. She wanted to know if she had to go to college - to which Mark responded - yes! To this she advised that wanted to teach doctor's how to be doctor's. Mark said, okay that sounds good - why? She responded because you do not have to go to college for that. Mark replied, yes you do! She then informed him that she wanted to go to a college that was in Indiana so that she could see her mommy and daddy every night and morning. :o)- As Mark was relaying this conversation to me, we both though how nice it would have been to have had a camcorder running and to catch this conversation on tape so that one day, when she wants to go far away to college, we could play her that tape!!!! We have had 5 1/2 years with our Taylor and have watched how much she has grown into a little lady over that time. She has already turned into quite the thinker and quite the conversationalist. She says she wants to be a doctor, which would be up her alley, she will have a full blown conversation with anybody whether she has known them for months/years/or just seconds. Sometimes I think she might be a journalist or something like that because of her constant desire to ask questions and to know more. However, whatever she becomes - after going to college - I know she will always be "Our Taylor".


sheri said...

She should have told that boy he was a bum, and she was definitely a collegiate star on her way to med school!!!!

sheri said...

now i am ready for some K-5 stories

Beth said...

I finally remembered to check the blog here at home since I can't comment at work. I cannot believe that my Precious Baby Taylor is already in kindergarten. Where have the years gone? (sigh) Seriously, I really did just sigh. I am soooooooooo proud of her!! Oh...and her Mom & Dad for the good job they've done thus far and will continue to do.