Monday, July 21, 2008

An Anniversary Unlike Any Other

Today is Mark and I's 7th wedding anniversary. I for sure can't believe that we have been married for 7 years, let alone that we have 3 kids, our oldest to start K-5 next month (pardon me as a I wipe my tears)! Last night for my anniversary dinner, my mother, father and sister took me and the kiddos out to eat. Yes, I just said that my parents took me out for my anniversary with my kids!!! Mark left yesterday afternoon to take 5 of his volleyball girls to volleyball camp at Maranatha in Wisconsin and will not return until this Friday. Mark has been gone a total of 4 weeks this summer, and it just so happened that one of those weeks is falling on our anniversary. Tonight, to celebrate my 7 years of marriage to the man I love and the father of my children, I'm going to eat at my parents house, watch Jon & Kate plus 8 with my girls and then head off to sleep in my old bedroom in between my two daughters. This, my friends, will be an anniversary unlike any other!!! Mark for sure owes me BIG TIME when he gets home!!!!!!

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sheri said...

I laughed out loud!!! Happy Anniversary!!!